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Top 5 Metrics for Workforce Analytics(HCMI and Human Concepts):

Paper by HCMI and Human Concepts

Top 5 metrics for workforce analytics.  

1.     Total Cost of Workforce

2.     Percent of High Performers

3.     Management Span of Control

4.     High-Performer Turnover Rate

5.     Career Path Ratio 

The paper also talks about Talent Management Index which is the combination of the above 5 metrics. The article is a must for those who are following HCM - GENNeXT. Please register at their website for the article... 



Another inspiring piece of writing but what has been permanently engraved in my mind is this quote “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds about events, and small minds about other people.”  by  Eleanor Roosevelt .Like i keep saying time and again that i love to read what August writes and each and every article of his has so much to convey to the world today. He is truly a mentor for many.  Click on the title to go to the article in

Accepting Defeat

Be gracious in accepting defeat knowing that perseverance pays and on the way ahead lies the road to victory. This beautiful article has been published in Speaking-Tree which is a spiritual magazine. Please refer to the Human Capital Management section for more .....

 Corporate Strategy on how to become a player (

A very nice article published in on Corporate Strategy by Mr. Edward E. Lawler III. Please click on the title to take you to the Forbes website to read the article. 

July 10, 2012 | All News | Risk News & Resources Analysis: In crisis debate, historical data overlooked (By GARP)

There is no doubt a focus on the analysis of the current financial data by building various financial and economic models to understand the economic scenarios and predict risks but the above article talks about how historical data could have possibly offered some insights into the current global financial crisis.  Click on the header to read the article.

 Correlation between oil and bullion markets (By Srinivas Mandgi)

(Refer to the business section)

Today .i.e. 1st July 2012 and we see oil prices steady close to 80 USD a barrel down from 110 -120 and the gold prices are coming done too. Believe there would be a correction for some time but after coming down and holding steady there is every possibility of the bullion prices rising considering that a lot of countries would print currencies to beat the fiscal deficit. However, for now in a basket of your investing options, gold would be a sell if held in large proportions. I believe that the oil prices should hold steady considering a number of country elections happening this year and one can expect price rises this year end or early next year.

Go to the business section to view a correlation between oil and bullion markets. The analysis has been done using correlation regression, multiple regression and time regression analysis

Absolutely amazing! The Japanese have managed to grow a human liver from pluripotent stem cells. Please click on the link above which takes you to the reported news by Reuters. Pluripotent stem cells are those cells which can become any of the embryonic stem cells but cannot become the non embryonic stem cells e.g. the placenta. One hopes that the stem cell research will cure a lot of health problems in the near future and save lives.

The current Indian economy ??? How can we improve the GDP ...

RBI keeps the CRR unchanged  at 4.75 percent and the no cut in the Repo rate at 8 percent.

There were contrary views in the Indian banking and business circles as to whether the Reserve Bank of India would reduce the CRR by 25 or 50 bps points. CRR stands for the cash reserve ratio banks must hold with RBI and Repo rate is the interest rate with which the RBI lends money to the Indian Banks. 

The very interesting statement made by the RBI which are :-

1. Factors other than interest rates were contributing to growth slowdown. 

2. Rate cuts at this juncture could worsen inflationary pressures.

These clearly indicate two important aspects 

1. The RBI is expecting the Indian government to come up with some urgent fiscal policy measures to reduce fiscal deficit, control consumption and improve industrial production and growth before it would decide to act.

2. The RBI focus is on inflation and the exchange rate of the rupee. Knowing that the rupee rate to the USD is low, the bank feels that this will increase demand for the rupee and lead to the exchange rate correction.

To boost exports the RBI has raised the export credit refinance from 15 % to 50 %  which is similar to providing banks a 50 bps CRR cut and infusing capital worth 30,000 crore rupees.

3. The RBI will continue its’ buying and selling of foreign exchange in the Open Markets to control the exchange rates.

For those who want to know what Export re-credit financing facility is all about , The availing banks are required to report their outstanding export credit eligible for refinance within 5 days from the relevant date in  the RBI defined prescribed format. It is essential that the outstanding ECRs at all times are fully covered by the banks’ holding of export bills/amount of eligible pre-shipment advances as reported in their latest declaration. If at any time it is found that the total amount of bills held by banks/amount of eligible pre-shipment advances covered by the declaration fall below the amount borrowed, the banks should forthwith adjust or repay excess refinance from the RBI.

To conclude, one could see the Indian market going from bearish to bullish in July 2012 where the Indian Prime Minister could be most likely taking complete charge of the Finance Ministry and have a team to bring those most needed and desired policy changes at the earliest and strongly network with the global investors to rebuild the confidence and undo the damage stuttering India's economic growth story.  That's it for now.

 Business & Economics-My take on Inflation and monetary policies 

i wrote a while ago much before anticipating such a situation. Remember option D where if the Aggregate Supply is increased (increase ratio K1) and the aggregate money supply is also increased (increase ratio K2) keeping the Aggregate Demand as constant, we control inflation and improve all DIRECT variables of the GDP (Demand, Interest Rate, Expenditure, Consumption and Taxes). 
To improve the money supply, government financial policies need a complete turnaround for foreign investments with a lock in period of few years. To attract foreign investments and improve expenditure all bottlenecks for power and infrastructure projects need to be removed. Consumption needs to controlled and Taxes can be held steady for a while. 
Innovation in technology for storage and agriculture is the key since controlling consumption is a challenging task but not impossible. We need to wait and watch... 

Hedging and Derivatives - An extremely dangerous business and a Nightmare for Risk Managers?

Please go to the Business section- Financial Markets and Investments for more .....

Accepting Defeat

Be gracious in accepting defeat knowing that perseverance pays and on the way ahead lies the road to victory. This beautiful article has been published in Speaking-Tree which is a spiritual magazine. Please refer to the Human Capital Management section for more .....

Using Strike-lines from Excel for Financial Statement Analysis

Go to the Business Section Corporate Finance and Reporting Standards for more of this exciting stuff from Microsoft....

The Challenge of Modeling Financial Risk.

This article was shared in Linkedin by Alexander Haigh, a consultant at Validus Risk Management. Just to share with you that there is a talk of the Basel Committee of considering other risk metrics and saying good bye to VAR.

VAR is Value At Risk :

Those new to Financial Risk should know that VAR has three important parameters of measurement which are

1. Confidence Level 

2. Standard Deviation 

3. Loss due to Risk.

The VAR can be calculated using historical data, variance co variance analysis and the Monte Carlo Method. The extent of volatility and loss due to risk can be estimated at different percentages of confidence levels which gives financial managers a better understanding of the volatility and trends of the financial markets. However , here again this method is based on the bi-normal distribution of data. Lots of interesting happenings in the area of Risk Management. Go to the business section for more...


10 Leadership Lessons from the IBM Executive School

 I am delighted to share with you an article written by August Turak in the Forbes magazine. August is a true leader and mentor with whom i have shared some very interesting discussions and have learnt immensely. His words flow like poetry and his articles are delightful to read. There is so much to learn from this great master. To read more go to the Leadership and Motivation section under HR.

Meet Cheetah, Boston Dynamics' Terrifyingly Fast Running Robot(Published in Forbes)
Robotics has always fascinated many like me since its the best business technology innovative integrator. This article in Forbes is pure adrenalin rush. Watch the video. 
To read more go to the technology section

A Math Quiz for your kids studying in primary school...

Make sure you have the Microsoft Dot Net (32 bits) installed on your computer , the Visual C# 2010 Express Studio to build the application and create an executable file.

Disruptive Advertising

What do you do when you want to market your product as a mean machine.  Advertise it with the bad boys image. The point is will it disrupt the market and sell your product like hotcakes... Go to the Sales & Marketing Section for more

Service Oriented Architecture .... My perspective .

Click the Technology section for more....

Training is big business.

Technology has made corporate training advanced and easily possible for employees who can get trained and add more skills and knowledge as their choice or as a part of their career and development plan. ERP's like SAP have advanced training options using SOA and the web. Go to the HCM and HRIS section for more ....

Why not consider ECGC coverage instead of hedging to control risks? Read the business section for more .....

Average increment in 2012 may fall to 11.9%: Survey

.. Read  the HCM section for more ....

RBI liberalizes payment system through banks for exporters. Read the business section for more...

New Financial Investments to Help Investors :

The ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has issued a revised Schedule VI to the Companies Act that lays down a new format for presentation of financial statements by Indian companies.

Why you should hang on and not exit equities:

In India if you have invested in stocks and not yet sold them during a downward market trend, then here is an article that says why you need to hold on to your stocks and not offload them for losses in a rush.

According to me the markets are at the end of the bear stage and if you have some good stocks ( CNX50, CNX MIDCAP, CNX MIDCAP 50, CNX IT, BANK NIFTY) it is recommended to hold on await the Bull phase before offloading. However, treat every individual stock separately, look at the all the financial statements, the Beta and other ratios , the world political scenario and a strong track on the inflation and GDP in India since for all cash stocks the returns would be close to GDP.

Your a Project Manager - Not Superman

Posted by Safinaaz Rawji

A very nice blog by Safinaaz and i can personally vouch for this. The expectations from a Delivery/Program/Project Manager are very high from many IT companies where they expect you to work 24 x 7 , conduct job interviews and even be hand-holding and train all the project team employees( even if they are a few hundreds ), fire fight problems instead of giving you the opportunity to bring best practices in place and transform the work environment.

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