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Disruptive Advertising(S. Mandgi)

What do you do when you want to market your product as a mean machine.  Advertise it with the bad boys image . The point is will it disrupt the market and sell your product like hotcakes. Depends on whom you choose and the probabilities seem high when you rope in a famous celebrity. Fiat Motors seems to do the same..

A very interesting article in CNN Money .. Click the link below to go that article.

Coming back , the product lifecycle has the following phases, beginning from the development phase, introduction phase, growth phase where the demand is linear/exponential, the maturity when the demand is linear, peaks and then flattens for a while before the decline phase begins where the demand falls.

What i meant by disruptive advertising is something similar to what is done by the movie production houses today, i.e. release a new movie simultaneously all across different multiplexes and theaters in a country or world- wide  and have a high sales peak with a shorter life cycle sufficient enough to cover cost of production , advertising campaigns and release costs and also still make good profits for all its stakeholders compared to releasing it region by region in a fewer theatres for longer periods ( this is dangerous and loss making since you are not sure of the decline phase and hence plan for it).

What i meant by disruptive advertising is trying to generate  high interest in the product for sales to peak  early in the  product life cycle, since this interest may be short lived and companies would then depend on their product features and other marketing strategies to further prolong the product life cycle . The idea is to make your profits early before you get hit by your competitors and stay ahead by continuous innovation.